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Zircon, zirconia and diamond: what are the differences?

In Advice on the 19 August 2010 by Sarah – 133 Comments

diamantJust in case you’re confused too!
A real or fake diamond?
A real or fake stone?
Genuine or synthetic?

These are just some of the questions we ask ourselves

The fashion of having jewellery in the hair…

In Fashion & Trends on the 12 August 2010 by Sarah – 161 Comments

tiare-libellule-edenlyBecause everyone sees it sparkling when it sparkles in your hair… beautiful head jewellery is beginning to adorn our evenings and nights out and to dress up our outfit at the beach or in town… Painted gold, silver or any other colour… Precious or more fanciful… They are the new idolised accesory of the stars and trendy girls. More >>>

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Gold jewellery tattoos

In Fashion & Trends on the 9 August 2010 by Sarah – 184 Comments

pers1blancBecause although we all like gold jewellery… it can go a bit too far. But are you tempted by gold on your skin like a tattoo? It has already been done!

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Triade Collection: trilogies, messengers of love…

In edenly News on the 3 August 2010 by Sarah – 148 Comments

Past, present and future, the three diamonds symbolising everlasting love.

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